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January 3, 2024

I was dumbfounded when I left Amy, she is that good! I have previously tried monthly, deep tissue massages to help with painful knots under my shoulder blade and in my neck/shoulder area. I’ve also seen a chiropractor to help with some back/neck issues. I went to Amy once and she addressed all of those issues and more in one 90 mins session! I hold my stress in my neck and shoulders, and she released so much of that for me after 1 visit. I was truly speechless when I left. She sheds knowledge as she is treating you which gave me confidence in the work she was doing. She knows the body and cares about people. I will definitely continue to see Amy for treatment.

Jessika Ruppert

Reduced my pain!

April 12, 2023

Amy Jo is absolutely amazing with what she does I’ve been working with Amy about 6 months now twice a wee. I’m recovering from a broken neck at C-4 my neck is completely fused from C-2 to C-7 center cord injury so most of my problems are with my upper extremities.

Amy has been able to reduce my pain and increase range or motion through lite isometrics for strength and stretching for mobility as well as massage and myofasicial release and trigger point therapy she has done more for me in six months than regular physical therapy has been able to do in 3years if you are in needs of massage therapy I highly recommend Amy Jo you can’t get any better treatment than you can with her

Jim Morrison


April 9, 2023

I’ve struggled with neck and shoulder pain for years. It’s where I carry all my stress. My first visit with Amy was originally scheduled for a 60-minute full body massage. After identifying my problem areas, Amy spent an additional 30 minutes and started to work through the issues. We’;ve had regular appointments since. The therapy that she provided has been transformative. I have better mobility, I’m sleeping more soundly, and my pain is manageable. The added bonus is that she comes to my house and schedules appointments that are very convenient for me. Amy nis very knowledgeable about physical therapy and uses techniques to relieve tension and pain. She incorporates stretching into the treatment as well. I’ve built a wonderful and trusting relationship with her and she’s extended her services to my children and husband.

Joanna F.

Thank you!!!

April 9, 2023

My sessions with Amy have been incredibly helpful at working through my problem areas, I’ve had chronic back pain and after one intense, but very much needed sesson, I was significantly better. I appreciate how she customizes my appointments with a combination of assisted stretching and massage, which have been very effective for me.

Not only is she a fantastic therapist, the fact that she comes to my home and has a flexible schedule makes it convenient and easier to fit in my week. Thank you Amy!

Amanda S.