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Amy Jo Robertson


Amy Jo spent 24 years in nursing and surviving patient care through the Covid crisis. Because of all the chaos from the pandemic and dealing with large hospital corporations she had finally had enough and wanted peace. That’s when she decided to take charge and go to massage therapy school. Going to massage therapy school was a way she could bring peace to herself and still provide therapeutic healing to others all while focusing on one client at a time.

Providing therapeutic hands-on care to clients was just as therapeutic for her as it is for her clients. Amy Jo takes great pride in the care she provides to her clients who come to her in their most vulnerable states. Tired, sore, physically, mentally, and emotionally drained from all the limits they push their bodies to. Our bodies are amazing, and we push them to the greatest of extremes and scheduling with Amy will help with the healing process.


24 years as a medical assistant. Massage Therapy School Graduate of 2023


Create a Knowledgeable atmosphere for clients to come for as well as a relaxing space.


Licensed with TDLR, Insured with ABMP, and CPR certified.


aiding in the recovery of an acute injury while alleviating symptoms of chronic pain

Thank You for all your support!

Amy Jo x



Where it all began

Wicked Good Body Work

Not so long ago...

Amy Jo was a medical assistant working for big hospital corporations until she finally had enough and decided to go to massage therapy school.

Then we evolved...

After massage therapy school Amy Jo decided to not just work in a in-person massage clinic but also wanted to run her own business. That’s when Amy Jo’s mobile massage business came to life and became the Wicked Good Body Work we know today.